Content Calendar Workshop – June 28

The content creation struggle ends here.

Does creating content always get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list?

You probably know that producing quality content on a consistent basis is proven to build your audience.

The problem? It’s too big of a monster to tame when you have a bazillion other things to do.

Between coming up with topics, deciding what day to publish, promoting on the right channels, using SEO, editing, link checking and making sure it resonates with your market, it’s hard to know where to start.

Meanwhile, you’re looking at your competition’s newsletters, Instagram feed and blog posts and wondering what their secret is.

After working with dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners in various industries, I’ve learned that the biggest overlooked piece that helps build an audience is… a content calendar.

Having a schedule that’s FULL of juicy ideas relevant to your brand will help you keep the content creation ball rolling and your audience growing.

If you feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to content creation around your brand and business, come to my live, hands-on Content Calendar Workshop where you’ll walk away with a 3-6 month content calendar, a bank of topics and ideas, a finished blog post and much more.

In addition to taking home a cohesive content calendar and finished blog post, attendees will…

  • Connect the dots between compelling content and engaging social media
  • Brainstorm over a dozen unique topics to create content for your business
  • Set a content creation schedule to stay on track with the customized calendar
  • Learn the secret to creating content when all you have is 20 minutes

Attendees will also receive the following bonuses:

  • A customizable content calendar template
  • A calendar with holidays, themed months and notable days of the year to plan content around (think Mother’s day, national coffee day, breast cancer awareness month).
  • Images and visuals resources that you don’t have to pay for to use for social media content.

What you get from creating quality CONSISTENT content:

  • build your audience
  • generate more leads
  • grow your social media following
  • get noticed by other influencers
  • gain email subscribers
  • amp up your engagement
  • increase traffic
  • convert business
  • become a thought leader
  • boost your brand awareness

The deets!

Where: WeWork City Hall

When: Tuesday, June 27th from 9am-12:30pm

Admission: $150 per person

There are only eight spots per day!

Questions? Email Talia directly at

Who’s behind the Content Calendar Workshop?

Talia Koren is a prolific content creator who lives and breathes social media, writing for the internet and content marketing. Aside from writing everything from LinkedIn profiles to blog posts to drip campaigns, Talia runs a food blog called Workweek Lunch. As someone who consumes as much content as she creates (a lot), Talia wants to help business owners get the most out of their brand message and expand their reach through content marketing. Talia is a former writer for Elite Daily’s health, news and lifestyle section, and produced over 500 articles in less than a year for the platform.