Instagram Marketing Services

What’s an Instagram Marketing Consultant?

An Instagram Marketing Consultant is me! I transform business Instagram profiles into viable marketing channels to support email list growth, lead generation and brand awareness.

What makes you qualified?

I started out by doing it for myself. I grew Workweek Lunch, my food blog account from 1,000 to over 100,000 engaged followers in a year organically. Find me on IG at @workweeklunch.

And I did it without ANY of the low-value, shady tactics that literally every other Instagram consultant and social media marketing agency swears by.

In that same amount time, I grew my email list from 150 subscribers to over 10,000. In just two months, I was able to generate 400 customers for my health and food-related products from all over the world Thanks to Instagram.

I converted more readers to customers on Instagram than email, and I have the screenshots to prove it.

I’ve helped companies make generate leads and make sales on Instagram, grow their following and create a solid content strategy that strengthens their brand.

How did you get to 100k in such a short amount of time… for free?

  • I made good content
  • I showed up every day
  • I listened to my audience
  • I learned how the platform works

It’s not rocket science, but it’s time-consuming to figure out on your own.

I can help you get on the fast track to doing all of the above in just two weeks.

How can I get in touch with you?

Click here to set up a call with me or email me at

Why does having a lot of followers matter? Can’t I just buy them?

A large organic following impacts your business in several ways.

  1. Your Instagram tribe will generate word of mouth buzz – necessary for organic growth.
  2. Having a large audience of real, engaged people (not followers you bought or acquired through low-value tactics) means you’re more credible and therefore more trustworthy to the average Instagram user.
  3. It also becomes an asset you can leverage into more business partnerships.

Lastly, your audience is packed with potential customers. The key is getting them HOOKED on your brand. That’s where I come in.

Sure, you can buy followers. But those fake followers won’t buy from you. And that’s really the whole point.

What do you do to help my business/team use Instagram more efficiently and grow our account?

I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, to play nice with Instagram’s algorithm so your account can thrive on the platform.

If you don’t know how growth works, then you’re just blindly uploading photos and hoping for the best. That’s actually what most businesses (that aren’t media companies) do anyway.

After working with me for just two weeks, you’ll have an easy-to-follow customized Instagram playbook that guides you through your content strategy, using analytics, best hashtags to use, best practices for posting, using each Instagram feature, competitive analysis and more.

Part of my process is going into your account and personally testing content to make sure your images and hashtags work the way they should.

I take all the guesswork out of it for you.

Can you research this and test this all yourself? Absolutely. But you and your team have bigger fish to fry and it honestly takes a long time. I can crack the code for you in 14 days or less.

How exactly do your services work?

I offer one main package, it’s called the Custom Instagram Playbook. The short version is, I dive into your account and space on IG and come up with an action plan for your business to thrive on Instagram with a turnaround of two weeks.

Here’s the longer version: 

We have a 30-45 min call about what you’re currently doing on Instagram and how you think it fits into your overall marketing strategy.

From there, I work with your social media manager via email. I get access to your account to read your analytics for the time we work together.

During this time, I conduct research on your niche to do a competitive analysis and come up with a content strategy that fits your business needs, budget and creative capabilities. I’ll also work with your social media manager to connect your email marketing strategy to Instagram, if applicable.

At the end of the two weeks, we have a 45-60 minute video call with your social media manager where I present an overview of your new content strategy, hashtag strategy, competitive analysis, influencer market strategy if needed and more.

The playbook is delivered as a PDF and you get a recording of the call. The PDF is meant to be used by your social media manager and will be updated as Instagram rolls out new features.

It’s up to you to implement everything I provide after the video call. After the term, I check in once a week to see how it’s going and if needed, I make updates to your hashtags or any other adjustments if needed.

Sounds great. How much do you charge for a package like this?

Here’s the breakdown of my services:

90-minute consultation call and training with follow-ups – $750

  • Includes an audit of your account with practical marketing and growth tips you can use right away
  • I follow up with you every week for 3-4 weeks following the call to see how it’s going

Custom Instagram Playbook Lite – $2,000 (7 business days)

  • Perfect for those who are just starting an account or if you have less than 1,000 followers
  • Includes everything in my signature package minus a deep dive into your analytics and competitive analysis
  • I follow up with you every week for 3-4 weeks following the final call to see how it’s going

Signature Custom Instagram Playbook – $3,000 (14 business days)

  • Includes everything in my signature package
  • I follow up with you every week for 3-4 weeks following the final call to see how it’s going

Instagram Playbook With Content Testing – $5,000 (four weeks)

  • Includes everything in my signature package WITH content testing (I will post for you for a few days personally)
  • I follow up with you every week for 3-4 weeks following the final call to see how it’s going

Add on to any of the above:  Social Media VA Hiring Service – $350

What if it doesn’t work?

I know exactly what I’m doing on this platform and will turn companies away if I believe they either don’t belong on Instagram or if I think I won’t be able to help.

I also don’t work with companies that are currently using bots or other tools to like, comment and follow lots of accounts to gain followers. (This is useless and very small time compared to what I do for businesses). If your company does that and you’re interested in hiring me, you have to stop using those services before working with me.

Lastly, once I hand off your custom playbook, it’s up to you or your team to implement. I will be there to guide you and answer questions as they come up, but like Facebook and email marketing, Instagram is not one of those “set it and forget it” platforms. There’s work involved, but I help you streamline it and only focus on what’s necessary.

Can’t I just pay you to run my account?

No, because you will get more out of your account if you have someone in-house manning it. However, when we work together, I run your account for two weeks to test content, that’s it!

Not one of my clients is happy with whatever agency they’re using to outsource Instagram because most agencies just phone it in. If I ran your account, I’d be no different! I’m not in your industry. I’m not in your business. I would be really terrible at running your account long-term.

If we’re a good fit, you’re going to get better results running your own account, I can guarantee that.

How can we get started?

Click here to set up a call with me to see if your business is a good fit for my services or email me at