Packages & Services

Insta-refresh – $247

Use the right hashtags to reach your market and hit the 10k mark

Do you feel like no matter what you do, your follower growth has come to a standstill?

Most of the time, this can easily be fixed by using the right hashtags (instead of guessing which ones to use, or not using any at all).

Other Instagram growth specialists/companies encourage “follow for follow” techniques or buy followers for clients… but it’s a loss in the end because those techniques don’t allow you to reach people that actually care about your brand and business.

Using the right hashtags will help you reach and engage your target market by becoming more visible on the platform and using Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage.

What the Insta-refresh includes:

  • 60 researched hashtags that match your profile, content and market perfectly
  • A report on improvements and tweaks to make to your account to increase your content quality and follower engagement
  • A phone call with me to learn how to use 30+ hashtags without Instagram flagging your account and to go over your audit


If you start using the hashtags and make improvements to your account based on my audit, you’ll see a spike in engagement (likes and comments) as well as a boost in following within two weeks. This is the same exact strategy I used to take my account to over 10,000 followers in less than a month when I was stuck at 6,000! (After that, I was able to grow my account to almost 20k in another month).

Investment: one-time payment of $97 | Turnaround: 2 business days


Talia helped me grow my Instagram following by 25% in less than a week! -Maggie

Here’s an example of one of my posts that went viral after I updated my hashtag strategy, something I do every few months:

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 12.52.28 PM.png

Insta-growth – $797

Transform your Instagram account into a reliable channel for traffic and new leads while growing your audience.

When you get it right, Instagram can become an engine for website traffic, lead generation and sales.

By applying copywriting and marketing strategies to Instagram content, I’ve been able to double my email list and create lasting relationships with new customers.

Using these strategies doesn’t mean you have to start being “salesy” on your account. Instead, it’s a shift toward becoming more authentic, serving your audience more value and using the tools Instagram has to offer to organically grow your business.

After reaching the 10k mark, you have more opportunity to use the platform to build your business, like being able to use links in Instagram stories.

What the Insta-growth package includes:

  • The Insta-refresh package
  • A brand playbook that includes a 3-month content calendar, content themes, guidelines for keeping visual content consistent and more
  • An in-depth tutorial on how to put your strategy in action and use Instagram properly, like how to format captions, use 30+ hashtags, get the most out of stories and more
  • Funnel set up: I’ll help you set up a simple funnel to grow your email list or send traffic to your website from Instagram
  • Access to me during business hours via email for any questions that may come up


Not only will you boost your following, you’ll also learn how to use Instagram as another channel for driving traffic to your website and growing your email list (or both!). These are the same exact strategies I used to double my email list and grow my traffic to 15k visitors a month.

Investment: one-time payment of $747 | Turnaround: 2 weeks

With your techniques, I saw an immediate spike in followers, more comments and much more likes per photo!  -Shahar

Here’s an example of how I add value AND promote myself in posts on Instagram to build my email list without spamming my followers. Doing posts like this helped me double my email list in a month.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 12.52.21 PM.png

Insta-autopilot – $1,397/month

Build brand equity and manage your Instagram account thumbs-free.

There’s a huge difference between using Instagram casually and using it for business, and that’s the time involved.

It can take up to an hour to create a high-quality post, write a caption, use the correct hashtags and tags, then upload it to Instagram.

You might be thinking, one hour per post?! That’s insane. But that’s also the reason why I’ve been able to grow my account to over 20,000 followers. It took me one year to hit the 10k mark, and three weeks to double it.

Sure, you can spend 10, 20 minutes posting to Instagram daily, but wouldn’t you rather leave it to an expert while you take calls, take time for yourself or do that one thing you’ve been meaning to do forever while your Instagram engine runs on autopilot?

What the Insta-autopilot package includes:

  • The Insta-refresh package
  • The Insta-growth package
  • Instagram management, including daily uploads on weekdays, engagement with followers and analytics
  • Formatting content for Instagram (cropping, adding your watermark, color editing)
  • Content creation if needed
  • Influencer outreach strategy (if it makes sense for your business)
  • Email and phone access to me during weekdays should any questions come up


Instead of spending time trying to figure Instagram out on your own, leave it to an expert who lives and breathes Instagram (me). Not only will you free up more time in your day-to-day, you can have peace of mind about your Instagram account growth and marketing strategy.

By working together on a regular basis, we can build an Instagram marketing strategy to support any campaign or upcoming launch to make an even bigger impact on the growth of your business.

Note that there is a 3-client cap per month for this service. Reach out to see if you can sign up right away or get on the waiting list.

Investment: monthly payment of $1,197 | Daily Instagram management


Other ways to work with me:

Live Instagram Marketing Training – $1,500 for the workshop & tutorial

  • I talk about Instagram’s algorithm, hashtag strategy, what to say in your captions, using CTAs, how to use Instagram to grow your email list and make sales
  • I show you how to do hashtag research and find content hubs/influencers to leverage
  • I can also take photos of your product to use as content if it makes sense for your business. (add $150/hr for photos)

Instagram photo shoot – New York only

  • Let’s create content together!
  • $150 for 1hr + 15 edited photos
  • Or $300 for 2 hrs + 30 edited photos

“Your workshop was exactly what I needed and I’m seeing results. My impressions still seem low but using additional hashtags has resulted in more engagement.” -Jennifer