Hashtag Express – $600

Hashtags are the main way to grow on Instagram organically without tapping into other influencers or of course, buying followers.

I like to think of hashtags as SEO keywords. People on Instagram use hashtags to search for images and other accounts based on their interests. The right hashtag strategy can increase your visibility in the new algorithm and your chances of being discovered by your market.

How did I figure this out? Earlier in 2017 when I was in rapid growth mode (around 6k followers), I dug deep into organic growth tactics and found hashtags to be the most effective. That made me realize my own hashtags needed work, which led me to realize that MOST businesses were doing what I did: guessing.

Guessing which hashtags to use (and how many you should be using) is one of the biggest mistakes brands make on Instagram.

When I started using a set of 60 (YES you can use 60 hashtags) focused hashtags that targeted the right groups, my account grew rapidly. I went from 6,000 to 10,000 in about six weeks.

I’ve perfected a search process that helps my clients find the right hashtags and more.

This package is for you if you have between 3,000 and 10,000 followers.

I can’t guarantee that your account will grow as fast as mine did (there are many other factors, like timing and content) but I can guarantee that your reach, impressions and profile views will increase — which means MORE people will see your content. 

Getting the right eyes on your profile is half the battle.

Here’s how the Hashtag Express works:

  • We hop on a 15-minute call to get on the same page about your market and overall marketing strategy.
  • This service takes 7 business days to complete. On the last day, you’ll receive a set of 50-60 targeted and researched hashtags.
  • A 1-2 page audit that includes suggested improvements to make to your profile, link in bio, captions, content and more.
  • One follow-up call to go over the hashtags and the audit within a week of the deadline.

You also get to choose one of the following add-ons.

Each has a $300 value. 

Influencer Search

You’ve probably heard by now that Influencer marketing is all the rage. And what better place to do it than on Instagram? I can help you take advantage of this highly effective marketing strategy by finding influencers for you to work with. What I provide in addition to your account audit:

  • A list of 15-20 micro-influencers in your market to reach out to and collaborate with.
  • Includes contact info, their website and important information to help you work with them.

Instagram Stories Training

If you’re not using stories, you’re missing out on 50% of what Instagram has to offer. Stories are a raw way of connecting with your market, sharing content with them and further defining your brand.

In this training session, we’ll talk about how to best use stories in a way that makes sense for your business, then I’ll share my top tips and strategies that help me get an average of 7,000 people (more than 10% of my audience) watching my stories daily. What I provide in addition to your account audit:

  • A call to talk through how to use Stories effectively and go over all the fun features
  • A one-sheet of ideas for story content based on your needs and market
  • Best practices for using stories (how many to post, times, tagging, hashtagging, etc)

Instagram Content Strategy

One of the biggest struggles that businesses have on Instagram is nailing a content strategy that their audience connects with AND that drives traffic to their websites and landing pages.

I’ll help you create a clear content strategy that isn’t too time-consuming to execute. I’ll also provide tips and best practices for getting quality content when you don’t have access to many product photos or photography in general.What I provide in addition to your account audit:

  • 10-15 ideas for visual content that fit your niche and brand and business goals
  • Specific caption suggestions and CTAs to drive engagement
  • A quick guide on how to streamline content production to stay consistent without making Instagram a full-time job

Interested in the Hashtag Express? Reach out directly: taliasarakoren@gmail.com