Insta-Focus Services – $350 each

After working with about two dozen different businesses on Instagram, I realized that some brands just needed help in a specific area in their overall Instagram marketing strategy.

Below are three separate services I offer based on my strengths to help your business get the most out of Instagram.

Each Insta-Focus service takes three to five business days to complete and includes a one-hour consultation call with an account audit (valued at $150). 

This is how I can help put you on the fast track to Instagram marketing success:

Influencer Search

You’ve probably heard by now that Influencer marketing is all the rage. And what better place to do it than on Instagram? I can help you take advantage of this highly effective marketing strategy by finding influencers for you to work with.

What I provide in addition to your account audit:

  • A list of 15-20 micro-influencers in your market to reach out to and collaborate with.
  • Includes contact info, their website and important information to help you work with them.
  • A one-hour consultation call to go over influencer marketing best practices.
  • An Instagram influencer marketing cheat sheet for outreach, communication and what to expect.

Reach out directly to start searching for your tribe of influencers:

Instagram Stories Training

If you’re not using stories, you’re missing out on 50% of what Instagram has to offer.

Instagram stories are a raw way of connecting with your market, sharing content with them and further defining your brand.

In this training session, we’ll talk about how to best use stories in a way that makes sense for your business, then I’ll share my top tips and strategies that help me get an average of 7,000 people (more than 10% of my audience) watching my stories daily. Instagram stories has been the most effective way to get my followers from the app to my website and onto my email list, and I can teach you how.

What I provide in addition to your account audit:

  • A call to talk through how to use Stories effectively and go over all the fun features
  • A cheat-sheet of ideas for story content based on your needs and market
  • Best practices for using stories (how many to post, times, tagging, hashtagging, etc)

Reach out directly to learn how to nail Instagram stories:

Instagram Content Strategy

One of the biggest struggles that businesses have on Instagram is creating a content strategy that their audience connects with AND that drives traffic to their websites and landing pages.

I’ll help you create a clear content strategy that isn’t too time-consuming to execute. I’ll also provide tips and best practices for getting quality content when you don’t have access to many product photos or photography in general.

What I provide in addition to your account audit:

  • 10-15 ideas for visual content that fit your niche and brand and business goals.
  • Specific caption suggestions and CTAs to drive engagement.
  • A quick guide on how to streamline content production to stay consistent without making Instagram a full-time job.

Reach out directly to get a fresh, streamlined content strategy for Instagram: