Custom Instagram Strategy Roadmap – $1,447

*Recommended for accounts with 5k-10k+ followers

Transform your Instagram account into a reliable channel for traffic and new leads while growing your audience.

When you get it right, Instagram can become an engine for website traffic, lead generation and sales.

By applying copywriting and marketing strategies to Instagram content, I’ve been able to double my email list and create lasting relationships with new customers.

Using these strategies doesn’t mean you have to start being “salesy” on your account. Instead, it’s a shift toward becoming more authentic, serving your audience more value and using the tools Instagram has to offer to organically grow your business.

After reaching the 10k mark, you have more opportunity to use the platform to build your business, like being able to use links in Instagram stories.

What you get with your Custom Instagram Strategy Roadmap:

  • The Hashtag Express package (an audit, new hashtags and more)
  • A customized roadmap that includes a content strategy, guidelines for keeping visual content consistent based on your analytics and best practices for reusing content on Instagram without getting flagged.
  • A step-by-step guide to using 60 hashtags (yes, it’s possible), Instagram stories, formatting captions and more.
  • Access to me during business hours via email for any questions that may come up.

TL/DR: You get access to all of my Instagram growth strategies that I used to take my account from 1k to 60k+ in 10 months. 


Not only will you learn how to boost your following, you’ll also learn how to effectively drive traffic to your website and learn what works (and what doesn’t work) for your account. These are the same exact strategies I used to double my email list and grow my traffic to 40k visitors a month.

Investment: one-time payment of $1,447 | Turnaround: 2 weeks

Reach out directly to discuss this roadmap and make sure it’s right for your business: