Side Hustle Opportunities

Hello there!

I’m currently looking for someone to help me a few hours a week with behind-the-scenes Instagram action.

This would be the PERFECT side hustle for anyone who wants to make a bit of extra cash on the side and learn more about how to grow an Instagram account organically (and actually monetize it).

If you…

  • Use Instagram on a daily basis and are interested in growing your own account
  • Know Instagram basics (posting, tagging, using hashtags, using stories, kosher engagement etc)
  • Have three-five extra hours a week to dedicate to project work
  • Love spreadsheets
  • Love research
  • Are based in the US
  • Own a laptop and have good internet at home

Then you should DEFINITELY keep reading to see what type of work you’d be doing with me.

I currently need support with…

  • Instagram influencer and hashtag tracking and research
  • Instagram content analysis and research

Both of these responsibilities involve going down a rabbit hole in Instagram and recording information on a spreadsheet.

This is why I stress the importance of having a genuine interest in growing your own account on Instagram. You’ll learn a lot that you can apply to your account during these projects!

Interested? Here’s how to apply.

  1. In an email, tell me how long you’ve had your IG account and why you’re growing it — even if it’s just because you want to get brands to send you free stuff. No judgment!
  2. Tell me how many hours during the workweek you can dedicate to research projects. Even if it’s just 1 or 2 we can make something work if you’re the perfect fit.
  3. Tell me: your current job, time zone and your ideal hourly rate for research.

Please no resumes or cover letters. No matter how awesome they are, I don’t have time to read them! Applications that don’t include the above info will be ignored!

My email: 

*Use the subject line: “(Your name) side hustle application” 

Looking forward to hearing from you!